My Values

Core Values




Target Market

Those looking to list their homes for sale, or to find their dream home.  I provide additional benefits to those persons in Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military, and the Educational Field.

What Differentiates Me

I have extensive experience in working with persons in the Law Enforcement/Corrections professions.  Additionally, I have been a member of my local school district’s board of directors for over a decade.  As such, I am able to understand their needs, and speak their language.

I provide excellent service to my clients.  I will work with you as if you were my only client.  I have excellent negotiating skills which I have developed over time in my previous careers.  You will find that Honesty, Integrity, and Trust are integral to my personality and I will not deviate from those values.

I bring value by…

Providing excellent service to my clients through my skills in negotiating contracts, and by listening so I understand your wants and needs.  You will find I value honesty and integrity to the highest possible degree.  I strive on a daily basis to earn and keep your trust.

My clients benefit from choosing me because…

My clients receive impeccable service due to my unwavering commitment to integrity and to do what is best for them.  They can be assured that I will always be honest with them and give them the best advice to ensure the best value for their property, whether that is listing or purchasing a property.  Because of my commitment to building the trust of my clients, they know they can approach me with any questions or concerns at any time: before, during, or after the transaction.  I believe in the concept of client/friends for life.